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Experimentation Web


Optimizely Web Experimentation is front-end A/B and multi-page experimentation product. The Experimentation Web component is a non-visual component for the injection of the Optimizely Web 3rd party script and custom script for enabling Optimizely based on cookie.


To utilise this component you will need to have the relevant Optimizely Web project in the Optimizely platform and Optimizely script CDN URL.



The config object that initialises Optimizely Web. Required parameters: scriptCdn.
Optimizely script CDN URL. The URL can be found in Settings -> Implementation for every web project in the Optimizely platform. More information on how to retrieve the script can be found here .
reactHelmetReact.ComponentType<{script?: Array<any>}>
By default the Experimentation Web component will inject its scripts by rendering script tags. However, if your project is using React Helmet you can pass the Helmet component in and the scripts will render using that component.